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Sound familiar? You know IE holds back the Internet right?

Here you'll be able to find my brief notes on computer/linux things I'm currently doing, and if I had any troubles, details about how they were overcome.

My public GPG key
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My github

My nicknames:

  • cgerpheide (official)
  • phoxicle (IRC, forums, twitter)
  • HorseRayX (AOL -- haven't used this one since I was 11)

A list of my favorite XKCDs:

C0mput3rz & T3chno1ogy

Changing doctype when using TYPO3 TemplaVoila Framework

According to the TS Setup documentation, you can change your TYPO3 site's doctype by adding the following to your TS Setup:

# Change TYPO3 doctype on normal installation
config.doctype = xhtml_strict

However, if you are using the new Templavoila Framework, this value is overriden by a page-specific setting. So, if you want to change the doctype and you are using the Framework, you must instead use the following lines:

# Change doctype when using TV Framework
page.config.doctype = xhml_strict

where xhtml_strict can again be interchanged with any of the valid values listed in the config documentation above.