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Sound familiar? You know IE holds back the Internet right?

Here you'll be able to find my brief notes on computer/linux things I'm currently doing, and if I had any troubles, details about how they were overcome.

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My nicknames:

  • cgerpheide (official)
  • phoxicle (IRC, forums, twitter)
  • HorseRayX (AOL -- haven't used this one since I was 11)

A list of my favorite XKCDs:

C0mput3rz & T3chno1ogy

FIXED: TYPO3 Shortcut page not showing up in menu

Recently encountered a strange behavior in TYPO3. I was having trouble with a page not showing up in a menu, when I changed the page type to Shortcut.

It turns out that I had set both the Shortcut mode to "First subpage of current page", as well as setting a page for the Target page. Altough either setting works by itself, when you have set BOTH, it seems to break the menu rendering, and the page no longer shows up.

To fix: Either change the Shortcut mode to "Selected page" or remove the page set as the Target page.