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Web developing experience

Interactive Developer - Customedialabs Interactive Media Agency

My current position. Initially just looking for any job in Greece, I actually landed something incredibly suiting with this Greek-American web development agency. Particularly for a company of its small size, we develop websites, media communications (like flash mail), mobile device software, and other interactive media of remarkable quality. Specifically I along with one other programmer develop customized frontend web applications for our clients in PHP which interface with our open-source CMS of choice, TYPO3, as well as extend the current backend functionality of the CMS according to customer needs.


  • OO PHP
  • MySQL
  • WSDL
  • Javascript
  • TYPO3
  • Photoshop

And once I find out if it's allowed, I'll post things I've done here. For now, you can just admire the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago's Website, which just won a Webby.