Grinnell College (Grinnell, IA)

B.A. in Mathematics and Political Science

Fall 2008
MAT331 Topology
CSC325 Web Application Design and Databases
PHY232 Modern Physics w/ lab
POL310 Advanced Seminar in American Politics
Spring 2008
GDS395 Advanced Special Topic: Sustainable Development in Costa Rica
MAT336 Probability and Statistics II
CHM210 Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
CSC152 Fundamentals of Computer Science II w/ lab
SPN217 Intermediate Spanish (audit)
Fall 2007
POL350 International Politics of Land and Sea Resources
MAT335 Probability and Statistics I
POL295 Special Topic: Conflict and Conflict Resolution
SPN106 Introduction to Spanish Language II
CSC211 Computer Organization and Architecture w/ lab (audit)
Spring 2007
MAT316 Foundations of Analysis
PHY314 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
ENG204 Craft of Argument
POL250 Politics of International Relations
MUS120 Performance: Guitar
Fall 2006
MAT321 Foundations of Abstract Algebra
PHI295 Special Topic: Moral Philosophy and Emotions
ECN240 Resource and Environmental Economics
POL237 Political Parties
PHE100 Sailing
PHE100 Advanced Racquetball
Spring 2006
MAT220 Differential Equations
PHY132 General Physics II w/ lab
POL101 Introduction to Political Science
ANT104 Introduction to Anthropology
PHE100 Rock Climbing
Fall 2005
MAT215 Linear Algebra
CSC151 Fundamentals of Computer Science I w/ lab
ECN111 Introduction to Economics
TUT100 Intellectual Property in the 21st Century
RED100 Reading Laboratory
Pre-College: AP Physics B, AP English Language, AP Human Geography, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, Calculus III, American History Since 1877, C Programming, VB.NET Programming