Technical University of Eindhoven

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands

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Program site: MSc. Computer Science and Engineering

Technical University of Eindhoven

M.Sc. Computer Science and Engineering with Honors

Fall 2013
Thesis: Assessment and improvement of quality in QVTo model transformations
Spring 2013
Software Evolution
System Validation
Knowledge-Based Control Systems
Software Project Management
Programming by Calculation
Process Algebra
Advanced Dutch Plus
Honors project: Using user context to improve CTR in a study program search engine
Fall 2012
Generic Language Technology
Advanced Algorithms
Real-time Systems
Seminar Software Engineering and Technology
Architecture of Distributed Systems
Program Verification Techniques
Technology for Sustainability
Advanced Dutch
Spring 2012
Data Structures
Software Testing
Data Mining and Knowledge Systems
Software Engineering
Advanced Databases
Verification of Security Protocols
Reflections on Sustainability
Intermediate Dutch
Fall 2011
Automata and Process Theory
Business Information Systems
Logics and Set Theory
Operating Systems
Software specification
Computer Systems
Beginner Dutch